have i mentioned?

that im missing Chicago significantly more than normal, as of late?

i dont know if its because so many of my facebook friends are talking about going to “the taste” and im jealous that i cant go.. or simply because its summer- and summer in chicago is wonderful. i dont know what it is exactly..
so, im looking to one of my favorite bloggers to help aid in my nostalgia-
shes awesome. plain and simple. and she created this: (note*the print on the wall)

yes, i know it says “detroit” but im getting one for my apartment that says “chicago”.
im super-duper excited.
this will either help with my yearn for chicago…. or it will make miss it even more.

One response

  1. love the green boxes on her shelf too. I'm becoming obsessed with kelly green and orange. Just ordered (a few weeks ago) a kelly green bag from bayanhippo on etsy. I'll show you a picture when I get it! michelle

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