the Veggie Grill= delicious.

being a vegetarian (well, technically, a pescatarian– because I still eat fish) its hard to find good, vegetarian friendly meals-on-the-go.

living in Los Angeles there is a plethora of veggie friendly restaurants, and even quite a few fine dining restaurants, but you’re still hard pressed to find a good “quick” bite to eat.

but, thanks to the Veggie Grill, that seems to be changing!

this place is amazing. why?
1. the food is delicious!
2. they’re menu is vegetarian AND vegan friendly!
3. meat eaters actually enjoy it too!
4. they serve BEER!

I hope the awesome-ness of Veggie Grill catches on and they open up locations all over the US.

My favorite menu item: ALL AMERICAN STACK with a side of STEAMED KALE

the Veggie Grill; located in Los Angeles, El Segundo, and Irvine, CA

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