LA’s newest food truck.

The idea of gourmet food trucks has taken over Los Angeles.
We have a grilled cheese truck, korean BBQ truck, an all breakfast menu truck, a Sprinkles cupcake truck, an In-n-Out truck, and the list keeps going…

AND as of yesterday, one of my [new] favorite restaurants now has a truck of their own!

Sky’s Gourmet Taco’s (located at 5408 West Pico Blvd- between Fairfax and LaBrea) has perfected the genre of California-meets-Mexican-meets-Soul food.

Reasons why Sky’s is awesome:
-They have vegetarian/vegan menu items.
-They make everything IN HOUSE (and I mean everything, from the caramel sauce on their cheesecake, to their chips, to their tortillas).
-Their food is completely TRANS FAT, LARD, PRESERVATIVE, AND ADDITIVE free.
-Their food is amazingly delicious.
-Sky’s owner (Barbara, or “Sky”) is the sweetest, most adorable lady that I have met in Los Angeles. Seriously.

My dinner last night consisted of:
an order of guacamole with homemade chips, one of Sky’s famous shrimp tacos, a potato taco, Sky’s delicious Sorrel lemonade, and a slice of Caramel Chunk cheesecake with the best caramel sauce I have ever had.

check out the rest of Sky’s menu here.
or, better yet, GO to Sky’s and check it out. I promise you wont be disapointed.

AND be sure to look for Sky’s Gourmet Taco truck driving around Los Angeles!

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