Beehive Cheese Co- Cheese Curds


A batter of Flour, Egg, and Panko breadcrumbs (seasons to taste: such as cayenne, white pepper, black pepper and sea salt) and 100% ALL NATURAL CANOLA VEGETABLE OIL OR PEANUT OIL (NOT shortening or any type of trans-fat or saturated-fat alternative)

CuisinArt Compact Deep Fryer

a fabulous indulgence!

[home-made] Deep Fried Cheese Curds!

Now, I don’t consume fried food often, in fact, its an extreme rarity… but these things are delicious! My mom sent us a cheese variety pack of Beehive Cheeses, and Aaron’s friend Vinnie (who is also a chef) let us “foster” his deep-fryer… so we decided to try them out together…. even if you’re a super healthy eater like myself, I highly recommend living a little and enjoying these one afternoon. Especially if youre in the mood for a little comfort food.

Also goes well with:

(and don’t ask me how I managed to get this beer in California… its a secret, and I wont reveal my sources)

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