CSA delicious-ness.

We recently joined CSA (Community Supported Agriculture):

And, I have to say, Im quite impressed and excited about it.

We are only in our second week, so its still something new that we are trying to get used to. Things like:
How to space out meals so that we can maximize the usage of our produce.
How to store the items so that they don’t continue to ripen (or rot).
How to use the items sparingly so that we don’t run out of something and then have to purchase it from a grocery store before the next pick up.

But I guess thats part of the fun of it!
Another great part of it is getting produce that you may have never cooked (or even eaten) before, and creating a meal with it. Not only are you learning, but you get to be adventurous and creative as well.

And, lets not forget the best part: eating all of the goodies.

Here was our kitchen counter BEFORE the CSA pickup yesterday:

and, here is our kitchen AFTER:

I know, right? $25 a week buys us TONS of fresh, delicious, locally grown, organic produce. Yay for that.

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