Downtown LA ArtWalk (and food)

Our friends, Ten and Steve, invited us to the Downtown LA ArtWalk last night.
Aaron and I attend the Brewery ArtWalk (at the old PBR Brewery) twice a year, but we had yet to make it to the one held Downtown LA each month.

So, we put on some comfy walking shoes, layered up with long sleeves and hoodies, and ventured to the Wilshire/Western intersection in Korea Town to jump on the Purple line to subway-it Downtown.
As much as I love living in Miracle Mile- I miss living near the Hollywood/Highland Redline stop in Hollywood. In order to take the subway from our current neighborhood it involves a [very] long walk, or more practically- a quick car ride.
I love utilizing public transportation when I can. I also love going Downtown when I can. Although, it makes me miss Chicago even more than I already do. It also makes me regret [a tiny bit] not purchasing that amazing loft in The Rowan building last year.

Moving on:

We arrived Downtown, met up with our friends, and enjoyed wandering around the Art Walk.
Now, I love Art… in all forms really. I love that our city embraces art and encourages the celebration and enjoyment of it….
but, there is something I love much more than art.. and that is FOOD (which, now that I think about it, is a form of art) In LA food trucks are the new craze. There are food trucks with every kind of food genre you can imagine… and a large amount of the food trucks congregate downtown for the ArtWalk.

I tried Ten’s buffalo tater tots= and those were AMAZING.
Aaron and I shared the poblano quesadilla and cumin fries from the Border Grill truck= and both of those were fantastic.
I tried a tofu taco from a korean bbq truck (not Kogi) and it was a disaster 😦 SEASON OR MARINATE YOUR TOFU PEOPLE!
after that, I was reluctant to try something else.. but decided to try the falafel pita wrap from a turkish truck= and it turned out to be great!

I was always leery of the food truck idea- just because I was afraid of cross-contaminaton of the food (being that Im a vegetarian and all) but I managed to leave the ArtWalk (and food truck alley) with a satisfied and happy tummy! Most of the trucks had at least one veggie option! Success!

I leave you with a couple of photos of beautiful Downtown Los Angeles:

I am looking forward to attending next month’s Downtown ArtWalk.
Thanks Ten and Steve for inviting us!

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