another successful Artwalk

….. but I’m not going to lie- we didn’t see one art gallery…
our focus was, of course, the food trucks:

 [Food trucks!]
 [the truck that started it all: Kogi! The tofu taco and 
calamari tacos were delicious! I am definitely a fan]
[this place, Feast, had a yummy kimchi quesadilla… 
although, I probably wouldn’t get it again]
[Aaron tried a pork taco and Ashley tried a duck taco- 
which were apparently delicious; but I’ll just take their word for it]
[AMAZING egg custard tarts! 
This truck is a must-try if you see it]

I was slightly disappointed that we wernt able to find the truck with Buffalo Tater Tots or the Border Grill truck (for the poblano quesadillas)… but, there’s always next month!

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