things to do in Los Angeles:

my all-time favorite: dining on a beautiful, sunny, dog friendly patio.

Last Friday Aaron and I decided to use one [of the many] groupons that we purchased and go try out the Larchmont Bungalow for a late lunch. It was a beautiful day, so we called ahead to ensure their patio was dog friendly; and it was! So, with Ziggy in tow, we headed over to Larchmont Village.

First and foremost, Larchmont Village is a quaint and adorable little neighborhood. Add a dog friendly patio and good restaurant to the mix and it makes it even better.

The food was delicious, the coffee was great, and they have an over-flowing dessert bar.
We cant wait to go back and try out their breakfast menu (which, by the way, is served all day).

[chocolate chip cookie and iced soy late- yum!]
Today is Aaron’s last week-day off until the end of June, so, we decided to enjoy the gorgeous day and go to another dog friendly patio on Melrose Ave at Melgard Public House.
Aaron and I tend to be drawn to “European-esque” places and Melgard is just that. Its a pub house in every sense of the word: delicious fish & chips, a lengthy European beer list, etc. The patio is great with large, spaced out tables, a view of Melrose Ave (and all the pedestrian entertainment that comes with it) and ample sunshine. The servers at Melgard are really nice too, which is always an added bonus in Los Angeles. 
[beer, sunshine, and Melrose]
[Ziggy found a dog bone that was hidden behind a potted plant, he was very excited!]
[Ziggy and I]
We have had some beautiful days here in Los Angeles the past week or so, hopefully the weather keeps this trend going and Ill be able to share many more pictures from our favorite LA restaurant patios!

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