my top 3 favorite coffee beans:

Its pretty obvious that I love coffee… hell, part of my blog name is even dedicated to the stuff. My first thought in the morning is “I cant wait to enjoy my hot cup of coffee while I read my favorite blogs”.

Ive tried many different types of coffee beans in my day and over the years Ive managed to narrow down my favorites to the following 3:

Now, I cant really rank these in order from #1 to #3 since they are all pretty equal in their deliciousness, so I will list them in no particular order…

Blue Bottle Coffee, San Francisco California

[photo from This Yuppie Life]

[photo from Blue Bottle Coffee]

Carpe Diem Coffee, from Spring Hill Coffee Roasters, Mobile Alabama

Urth Cafe Coffee, Los Angeles California

mmm, coffee. I cant wait to enjoy some tomorrow morning.

** please note, this is based on whole bean, brewed at home in my espresso maker coffee… this does not reflect my favorite lattes purchased on location. Tune in later for that entry.

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