brown bag lunch.

but, a little more “green”.
In an effort to be more green AND to save our household some money: I take my lunch with me to yoga instructor training, school, and I used to take it with me when I worked part-time at the yoga studio.

for breakfast, I use this Starbucks Oatmeal travel bowl and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love it.

I enjoy the “instant” oats and flax oatmeal from Trader Joe’s. So, on the mornings I go to school I will put a packet (or two, depending on how hungry I am) into the container along with some piping hot water. I put the lid on (which houses a cute and super convenient fold-out spoon) and off I go. Im telling you, the oatmeal stays hot for hours… so it really is a glorious thing for the mornings I head to school extra early to get some studying in. When I used to open the yoga studio and would have to be there SUPER early in the morning, instead of adding the boiling water, I would just add the oatmeal sans water. Once I was at work and ready for breakfast, I would add hot water from the water filter there. Pair this with a banana and your off to a good day.
(I was having a hard time finding this contraption at the local Starbuck’s because they were always sold out, so a special thanks to my MOM AND DAD for locating one and getting it for me!)

Once lunch rolls around I whip out my Laptop Lunch box.

This bento box is a life saver for lunch time. Not only does it have a insulated sleeve to put it in so that cold items can remain cold, but the multiple compartments and forced-portion-control are lovely. The sky is the limit with what you can put in here… and if you need help with ideas check out the VeganLunchBox blog for loads of animal-free lunch ideas specifically designed for the Laptop Lunch box. I also have the thermos which is awesome for cold days when you just want a bowl of soup. I heat the soup up in the morning and it remains hot for several hours until I am ready to eat it.

Add a re-usable cloth napkin (available at and a Sigg re-usable water bottle and youre well on your way to being green, more financially responsible (restaurant lunches can really add up!), and healthy.

happy lunch-taking!

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