awesome friends and yogurtland.

I was having a more-than-stressful week last week (due to homework, studying for midterms, and loads of teacher training homework) and was unable to attend the frequent-and-almost-weekly Yogurland trip with our friends Melissa and Casey…

well, being the awesome friends that they are; they showed up at my door with a to-go bowl full of my favorite flavors (devil’s food cupcake batter, strawberry, and vanilla)!

Yogurtland makes studying Anatomy much more fun 🙂

*and I dont care what anyone says: Yogurtland is MUCH better than PinkBerry or YogoTango… MUCH better. Trust me on this.

One response

  1. I completely agree–YogurtLand is the absolute best out of all of the yogurt places I've tried in SoCal. Hell, anywhere! I have a space in my heart for Taro and Coconut mixed, with granola and carob chips on top.

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