fine dining.

Aaron and I recently went to Osteria Mozza with my dear friend Flo who was in town from Nigeria.
We have frequented Pizzaria Mozza, but have never had the chance to try out their fine dining restaurant next door (due to extensive reservations; you have to book well in advance).

Flo was able to get us reservations on Easter evening (thank goodness for American Express privileges) and we set off to enjoy a lovely evening. Honestly, I didnt have many expectations for the restaurant only because I dont know many people who have been there. I knew their Pizzaria never disappointed in the food department, and since Mario Batalli is behind both of them I figured it would be good, but I still didnt have any specific expectations.

We arrived a bit early and decided to enjoy a drink at the bar. The wine was great, even though we got lucky ordering since neither of us are big connoisseurs of Italian wine (we are California wine drinkers, through and through; thank you to the waitress to steered us in the appropriate direction). About half-way through our drinks the rest of our party arrived and we were seated. And little did we know we were about to enjoy one of the best meals in our life (which, ironically, has happened a lot in the past year or so).

Between the various mozzarella appetizers, the first courses of pasta, the main courses of everything from short-ribs to Mahi Mahi, the two [delightful] bottles of Italian wine, and some amazing dessert our table was more than impressed and satisfied.

I dont have any photos of the food or establishment from that night, because – lets be honest- a fine dining restaurant isnt the best place to whip out your phone and start taking pictures for blogging purposes (although, Im sure they wouldnt have minded; everyone working there was friendly, helpful, and had smiles on their faces). BUT take my word for the fact that the entire evening was flawless. From customer service, to the food’s presentation and quality, to the deliciousness of each item ordered. 5 stars, hands down.

If you are looking for a great night out, and dont mind dropping around $150 a person- I highly suggest making a reservation at Osteria Mozza!
You wont be disappointed; Aaron and I are already planning on going back.

I can definitely say its on my “top 10” list for best restaurants Ive gone too/meals I’ve had… hell, maybe even in the top 5.

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