Food Trucks: The Greasy Wiener

Every Friday (for the past 2 months or so) my good friend Melissa and her adorable 4 month old son, Dexter meet up near the La Brea Tar Pits/LACMA to enjoy what we now refer to as “Food Truck Friday”.

Each day from 11:30am-2:30pm gourmet food trucks line up along Wilshire Blvd to catch the lunch rush. Im not going to lie, Ive definitely headed over to Wilshire for lunch on a day other than Friday…. but Friday tends to be the best day to go since it has the best food truck options. That, and it has become Melissa and my weekly tradition.

FTF started out because we had a craving for the Phamish Truck’s amazing lemongrass tofu bahn mi…. and while we still love Phamish and enjoy their food, there is a new reason for our FTF dedication:

The Greasy Wiener Truck!

They have two DELICIOUS menu items that I crave.
#1: The Buffalo Bleus…. which are curly fries, tossed in a buffalo sauce, topped with blue cheese. I mean seriously, doesnt that sound amazing?! They are truly delicious and its a craving that only The Greasy Wiener can satisfy!

#2: The Greasy Hippie… which is a vegetarian hot dog with mustard, topped with onions and a pickle, and I order mine with cheese. SO GOOD!

(The Greasy Wiener -non-veggie- on top, and the The Greasy Hippie is on bottom)

Melissa and I will be forever be loyal Greasy Wiener fans.

So please, do yourself a favor and check out The Greasy Wiener! Adam is wonderful, so be sure to chat with him while you wait for your order! Follow them on twitter, “like” them on Facebook and be sure to follow their whereabouts so that you can go enjoy their awesome food 🙂

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