on food, diets, healthy eating and such…

Aaron and I are fairly health-conscious eaters.

We dont eat fried foods, I dont drink sodas, we dont consume dairy (except for cheese and 0% fat greek yogurt), we dont eat at ANY fast food restaurants, we purchase our produce (and Aaron purchases his meat products) from farmers markets (to support local farmers) or at Whole Foods, we do not consume anything that lists: high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, monosodiumglutamate (MSG), hydrogenated oils (trans fat) or shortening (also trans fat) in the ingredients list,  we do not purchase any bread product that is not Whole Wheat or even better, Whole Grain (NO refined flours in our house!), and we do not consume frozen meals of any kind. We only purchase FRESH produce (no frozen, with the exception of frozen berries from Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s for my smoothies; because I cant bring myself to blend delicious fresh blueberries or strawberries when they could be eaten alone) and try to avoid canned beans/legumes due to the higher sodium content.

about 7 years ago (actually, it may be more like 9 or 10 years ago) I made the decision to stop drinking sodas. why? because they were not good for me and I knew it. I switched to water and teas and before I knew it…. they were out of my life for good. Its amazing how much better your body feels/acts when you arent contaminating it with sugary, high calorie, drinks. my current day (beverage wise) is as follows:
– glass of water when I wake up
– 2-3 cups of black coffee OR coffee with a small amount of Soy Creamer
– water, water, water throughout the day (I have a SIGG reusable bottle and go through about 4 or 5 of those a day; and thats NOT including the water I drink at home)
– in the after noon I may “spice it up” and drink a small glass of Kombucha or coconut water.
– in the evening (but not daily) I may have a beer or glass of wine with Aaron.

about 6 years ago I made the decision to go “pescaterian”. technically I’m a “lacto-ovo-pescatarian” because I still consume some dairy (in the form of cheese and greek yogurt), I consume eggs, and I consume fish. I still use the term “vegetarian” because its more widely used and understood. going vegetarian wasnt that hard for me, because I had already eliminated pork from my diet (when I was 18 or so) and the only beef I consumed was in the form of burgers, so it was actually a very easy transition for me since I only had to cut out chicken and the occasional turkey. the only challenge was ensuring that I was eating enough protein, B12, and iron (and since Im from Texas, I had to gain the knowledge of how to eat properrly as a vegetarian because growing up in Texas, we never focused on the “other” ways to eat). once I became educated on how to be a “healthy” vegetarian (because, trust me, there are many mal-nourished, un-healthy vegetarians out there because they dont know how to eat properly and they end up deficient in some of their essential vitamins and minerals) I have been MORE than happy with my decision to “go veggie”.

I am a firm believer that no matter what your eating habits are (and how strict they are) you should still “splurge” and enjoy yourself from time to time (read: time to time= once a week or even once a month). I also believe that you shouldnt tell yourself that you are on a “diet” because, in today’s society the term “diet” implies that its only temporary and that one day, you will go back to eating “normal” again. I think those of us who are monitoring our food intake and are being more conscious eaters should tell themselves that they are making a “lifestyle change”.
Because honestly, isnt that exactly what it is?

but, even with all of that. Aaron and I still have our flaws.
So, we decided to revamp our eating habits yet again.
Its easy to fall into the habit of eating breads with breakfast, lunch and dinner (toast, sandwiches, bread with dinner, etc) and thats just the routine I have fallen into…. I want to incorporate even more veggies and legumes into my diet, and also substitute any type of bread/toast with brown rice or quinoa only. I started calculating my food intake and I am unhappy with the amount of bread I am eating: sliced bread, tortillas, english muffins, etc all of which are store bought! So, while I will not be eliminating them (because, carbs are actually good for you and your body needs them for energy) I want to reduce my intake as much as possible.
*Edit: Since this post I have started baking our own bread (both whole wheat and ciabatta). Our intake of bread overall has been reduced and when we do actually decide to eat a piece of bread we have the comfort of knowing that it was freshly baked in our own kitchen. 

I also want to limit my sugar intake, because sugar/desserts are my WEAKNESS.
So, my “dessert” will be in the form of fresh fruit, or a homemade popsicle. Aaron and I plan on purchasing this; which is actually something that we bought for our friend’s child for their birthday last year, but its perfect for adults too! You can purchase fresh juices at Whole Foods or Trader Joes (note: not juice “drinks” like the Naked juices but rather fresh 100% no-sugar-added fruit juices like watermelon juice, orange juice, apple juice etc) or juice your own fruit AND you can even add a few pieces of fresh fruit to the popsicle. What a great, guilt free dessert!
But trust me, I will still be baking pies & cookies from time to time because I absolutely love baking….. and the delicious treats that result from it.

I’m a foodie. Plain and simple.
I love food, I love great food, I love trying new foods, I think eating is one of the best ways to learn about a new culture or country.
I find cooking to be an art. same as baking. Aaron and I share a love for food and cooking which is one of the many reasons we get along so well.

But, you have to know what youre eating and what youre doing to your body. It kills me seeing where our country is headed due to the foods we (as a people) are consuming in extremely high quantities. Our country is obese, ridden with disease and cancer, we have more cases of Type 2 diabetes (formerlly known as “adult onset” but they have had to change the name because so many CHILDREN are being diagnosed with it) it just kills me.

While I wish that my love and passion for food could be shared with all of those around the world (because there is so many great foods out there to experience!) I also wish my passion for being HEALTHY, and KNOWLEDGEABLE of the foods we eat was also shared with the population.

I guess its pretty obvious why I am back in school pursuing a degree in Nutritional Science, huh? haha.

here is one of our new, “revamped” meals:

[asparagus, lentils (with onion, celery, spices) with fresh tomato slices and a dollop of goat cheese]

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