4th of July

I can see no better way to celebrate our country’s independence that by trying the world’s strongest beer, right?

For Aaron’s birthday my brother gave him Sink The Bismarck, the strongest beer ever made (41% alcohol!). Aaron has been saving it for a special occasion. He wanted to make sure that
#1 no one involved in drinking it would be driving to get home.
#2 there were several people around so that many could taste it; but no one felt the need to drink too much

well, our 4th of July BBQ turned out to be the perfect place!
and let me tell you, that thing does NOT taste good. Its not horrible, but its not good.
but, we all kind of figured that it wasnt going to be the best beer we had ever had; it was more so for the experience. and a great experience it was!

how many people can actually say they have had the strongest beer in the world?
I guess I should add that (and scratch that off) of my life-to-do-list!

[Sink the Bismarck!]

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