we are leaving Sunday night to drive to Fresno,  Monday we plan to relax and rest (if possible), and then Tuesday we train to San Francisco to catch our flight to Juneau, Alaska.

Our 8 day trip will be broken up into two categories, #1: backpacking, #2: not backpacking.

I have never been backpacking before, and neither has Aaron.
I have never been to Alaska before.
I have NO idea what to expect…. but more so than that, I have NO clue how to pack for such a trip.

After scouring the internet for lists of “what to bring” and watching about 5 YouTube videos on “how to pack a backpack” Aaron and I managed to at least get all of our items into the packs.

Here is what it looked like before; our living room looks like REI threw up all over it:

and this is what our packs look like now:
this should be interesting! Here’s hoping we have everything we need.

One response

  1. Ah! I have several "REI threw up in my living room" photos! You will have SO MUCH fun.It is way challenging to pack both for backpacking and not and still keep it light. Can't wait to hear about it! Take so many photos!

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