our food tour of Chicago:

I’m going to go back in time a bit and recap our Food Tour of Chicago trip 🙂

we were home from Alaska for a mere 36 hours before heading back to the airport.
Although, this time, we had a baby with us! and the baby’s parents too, of course.
We were asked to be godparents of the little guy, so we were off to Chicago for Dexter’s blessing as well as a mini food tour of my all-time favorite city.

Friday, July 22nd:
the alarm blared at 6am. We threw the last few items into our carry-ons and Estela came to pick us up 7am.
We then went to Melissa and Casey’s house to pick them (and Dexter) up. and off we went to the airport.

At 6months old, he did amazingly well on the plane; better than any of us thought he would do.

We arrived in Chicago around 3pm and immediately called in our order to Pequod’s Pizza for delivery to our apartment (we were staying in the guest apartment of Melissa’s brothers building; which just so happened to be very close to my old neighborhood).
We got to the apartment, checked in, and by the time we got upstairs the pizza arrived.

We sat around devouring our pizza attempting to compile a list for our Whole Foods shopping trip.
Melissa and Casey needed to get diapers, baby food, etc; Aaron and I had coconut water, bananas, fage yogurt, and beer on our list.
We went to the Whole Foods location that Melissa used to work at; at first I was a bit confused why we didnt just go to the one down the street from the apartment we were staying at? but I quickly found out why: The Lincoln Park Whole Foods is simply AMAZING.
The store is massive, and beautiful, and…. has a bar that allows you to order a beer and walk around the store with it!
and, this bar doesnt just carry any old beer, it carries craft brew beers, some of which are limited releases!
Aaron and I were in beer and shopping heaven

 [Whole Foods shopping beers!]

 [shopping with my shopping beer]
 [shopping with my shopping beer]

We stocked up on all kinds of Whole Foods goodies, and made our way back to the apartment. The entire way back I was saying over and over: we are SO moving back to Chicago! and preferably, will live within a block or two of this store! 

by the time we got back to the apartment it was late. and we were all exhausted.

Saturday, July 23rd:
wake up. have coffee. get ready.
head to The Galway Arms (quite possibly the greatest bar, ever) for brunch.
I was a little TOO excited to finally be able to quote Sweet Home Alabama by saying “you have a baby…. in a bar” since we had Dexter with us 🙂

[brunch at the Galway Arms; with a baby!]

Brunch was delicious, and afterwards we walked a few blocks down the street to Molly’s Cupcakes.
I was a little too full from brunch, so I opted for an Intelligentsia Soy Latte instead. yum! I miss Intelligentsia coffee.

From there, we headed back to the apartment so that we could all start the “getting ready” process. Then we were off to the end of the Blue Line to Melissa’s aunt and uncles house for Dexter’s blessing party.

The party was small, informal, and perfect. We sat around on the patio and laughed and told stories. Some of us had worked together previously, and some of us didnt know each other at all. It was great meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.

Dexter was blessed, and then we all got back to eating and drinking beer!

We got back late. and, just as the previous night, we were all exhausted so we all went to bed.
Sunday, July 24th:
woke up. walked across the street to one of my favorite breakfast places in Chicago: Yolk!
had an amazing breakfast and much needed dose of caffeine.
[breakfast at Yolk!]

It started raining quite heavily while at breakfast, but we braved the rain and walked over to Fox&Obel market (one of the cutest markets Ive ever been too, and a market I used to frequent when I lived in Chicago). We didnt get any groceries, but Aaron did buy me a cute Fox&Obel Market tote bag 🙂
We got ready, and then headed to Wicker Park/Bucktown. We enjoyed lunch at Piece; which is a microbrewery and pizzaria with AMAZING beer and AMAZING pizza. We ate too much, but enjoyed every minute of it. 

 [Piece; the most amazing brewery and pizzeria, ever]

After lunch we wandered around the neighborhood for a couple of hours. We happened upon a Music Festival, went into various shops, and dreamed of owning a condo somewhere in that area. Before heading back to Melissa’s aunt and uncles, we stopped at Hot Chocolate for an iced hot chocolate drink and some cookies to take to dinner.

We had another great evening with great friends (both new and old).
One of our [new] friends happens to be a home-brewer and brought a variety of beers for us to try. They. Were. Delicious. We had our own little beer tasting and we were able to try some rare beers that Peter happened to have along with his great home-brew, here is what we were able to enjoy:

[Filipino beer at a Filipino party!]

[Peter’s home-brew!]


and then, yet again, we came back to the apartment and crashed.

Monday, July 25th:
get up. have coffee. and then get ready so we can start our journey over to Hot Doug’s!
For all of your Food Network/Anthony Bourdain fans out there, this place is amazing!

 [Hot Doug’s… amazing]

we indulged in numerous hot dogs (Melissa and I, of course, had the veggie dogs), cheese fries (the duck-fat fries are only served on the weekends so Melissa and I were able to eat them!) and our own BYO beers. It was a great lunch and I am SO glad that we were able to make it out to Hot Doug’s!

After lunch we took a cab back to Michigan Ave so that we could hit up the Vosges store before we had to go to the airport. We grabbed about $50 worth of chocolate and were then back to the apartment to pack up and head to the airport.

At the airport we had our last Chicago meal of Potbelly’s and then we boarded the plane back to Los Angeles [unfortunately].

yes, I think it goes without saying: I really really really want to move back to Chicago. I miss that amazing city SO much.

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