wedding thoughts.

WARNING: wedding planning isn’t all its cracked up to be.

It comes as no shocker that I am a very opinionated person.
I am completely aware of this personality trait of mine, and frankly, I’m damn proud of it.

I have always been blunt and vocal about what I want in life. I know what I want and I know what needs to happen in order to attain what I want. To me, its quite simple.

Up until a few months ago I never tried to sensor my opinions because I didn’t see any need to shy away from what I really want out of life.

However, in an attempt to NOT be a “bridezilla” I opted to keep my thoughts/feelings/frustrations about mine and Aaron’s “big day” (and all things related to it) to myself.
We opted to cater to other people’s feelings and wishes in order for things to go smoothly.
For the first time in my life, I really tried to put my desires on the back-burner because I wanted our day to be fun for everyone involved.

Unfortunately, my plan backfired on me.
While attempting to cater to other people’s wishes about OUR wedding day; the only two people who ended up unhappy and hurt were Aaron and myself.
Which is unfortunate; because… well.. it’s OUR wedding day!

We should have been more adament about the things we DID NOT want (although, I thought we were pretty clear about that).
We should have voiced our requests more assertively (although, in my opinion, I feel like our requests would have still been disregarded).
We should have stuck to our original plan for our wedding instead of changing it because other people wanted us too.
Above all, we should have done what WE wanted from the start.

So, for all of you future brides out there: please don’t make our mistakes. 

If there are specific things that you WANT or do NOT WANT make sure you vocalize them… and make sure the people you vocalize them to respect your wishes.
Make sure your wedding day is a reflection of YOU and your soon-to-be spouse… NOT a reflection of what those around you want FOR you. Its NOT their wedding, its yours.

Its really unfortunate how quickly our wedding day plans spiraled out of control. Its even more unfortunate that now that we have changed some of our plans so that our wedding day is what WE WANT (and have wanted from the beginning!)… we are now the bad guys.

Remember: its YOUR wedding.
It is supposed to be the most special and important day of your and your soon-to-be-spouses life….
dont let it turn into the drama-filled, blown-out-of-proportion, stressful mess that ours has turned into.

I know brides who have loved planning their wedding, so-much-so that they want to help others plan theirs… and I envy that.

*for clarification sake: my parents have been nothing but amazing and supportive during the entire wedding planning process. 

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