post Alaska and Chicago relaxation:

after returning from Alaska and Chicago, we needed a vacation FROM our vacation.
We landed at LAX around 6 something PM from Chicago, drove back to our house, grabbed a few things, and then immediately took off for Fresno.

We couldnt wait to get there, because Fresno meant two things:
#1: we could see Ziggy!
#2: we could finally RELAX.

our trips were loads of fun and we had amazing experiences in both places; but we were really looking forward to relaxing with very little to do. and snuggling Ziggy like crazy 🙂

 [poolside at Aaron’s parents house, with Ziggy, my new sunhat, and a beer!]
[we were so excited to find 21st Amendment beer at the Fresno Whole Foods!]

[Aaron, relaxing poolside]

[pedicures are always relaxing! especially when you have canned sparkling wine in hand! 
and ps. that canned sparkling wine is actually quite delicious, so dont judge]

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