post Alaska/Chicago/Fresno fun:

the Monday after we returned from Fresno, Aaron [unfortunately] had to go to work (sorry Aaron)……..
but my parents and I went shopping!
We, of course, ended up on Rodeo Drive…. and, of course, the Louis Vuitton store.
Ziggy tried out the LV dog carrier, and he really seemed to enjoy it:

We did not end up getting the dog carrier, BUT I was lucky enough to get the Damier Neverfull bag! 

I LOVE it! Thanks Mom and Dad! 🙂
After shopping we drove to Irvine to spend some time with my brother at his apartment and then, the next day, my parents headed back to their home in Alabama.

Not many days after returning from Fresno, this showed up at our door:

Its a VitaMix blender!!! I have been wanting one of these for soooo long…. and thanks to our AMAZING friends Jared and Melody, we have one of our very own! I have been blending up all sorts of smoothies and frozen coffee beverages since receiving our incredible gift! I cannot put into words how awesome this blender is.

Last Wednesday my dear friend Sarah and I attended the Kendra Scott grand opening party at the Andaz Hotel rooftop in West Hollywood. The evening was full of red-carpets, celebrities, gorgeous jewelry, breathtaking views of the Los Angeles skyline, fun people, glasses of wine, and catching up with a great friend.

on Friday… after what turned out to be a rough couple of weeks, my parents suggested that I go shopping and possibly utilize my $150 store credit that I had at the Christian Louboutin store in order to get a little shopping therapy….
You dont have to tell me twice!
After spending some much needed time with my favorite CL sales person, Jason, I no longer had a store credit; but instead, these N*Prive nude pumps!

I love, love, love them!

Saturday morning my friend Estela and I drove out to Corona, CA (which, Estela claims is the Alabama of California) so that we could spend a day at Glen Ivy hot-springs day spa.
I guess you could call it a “bachelorette weekend” although, that term implies that we went out and got a little too drunk (which we did NOT do)…
instead, we spent the day relaxing in plunge pools, mud baths, mineral baths, saline baths, and drinking sugary cocktails in the Southern CA sun.

Afterward we checked into the cute Ayres Hotel in Corona and watched Life As We Know It while sipping on Three Olives grape and 7up.
The next morning we got up, had breakfast and relaxed by the pool until it was time to checkout.

It was a perfect weekend!

So, that brings us to now…. a mere two weeks before Fall Semester starts; when my free-time becomes non-existent.

Here’s to the last moments of summer!

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