beers and a birthday.

last Friday, after my Chemistry lab was over, I drove to LAX to pick up my dad. We came back to our apartment, grabbed Ziggy, and headed to The Counter for happy hour drinks and mini-veggie burgers. After that, with Ziggy in tow, we went on a walk to look at a house that was recently listed for sale a few streets down.

We came back to our apartment, relaxed a little, watched the Peru episode of Anthony Bourdain- No Reservations (makes me super excited for our trip in December, but also a bit concerned about the altitude in Cusco and along the trail of our trek). We both called it a night shortly after the episode. Dad had a long day of travel and I had a long day of homework and school. Unfortunately, Aaron didnt get home until after midnight, so he had the longest day of all.

Saturday morning we got up early and drove to Orange County to surprise Elliott for his birthday. My brother knew Aaron and I were coming to pick him up; but had no idea that my dad was with us. He jumped in the car, we yelled “surprise!” and all chuckled at the look on his face, and then went to Plum’s Cafe in Costa Mesa for a delicious breakfast. We continued on to Escondido, CA and arrived at Stone Brewery right at 11am. We got our tickets for the 1:00pm brewery tour and headed to the bar to each grab a beer and walk the grounds for the next hour and a half.

The place is gorgeous. Imagine the most beautiful garden or winery that you have ever been to… that’s what Stone Brewery looks like. We milked our beers and enjoyed the scenery until the tour started. The tour was fun, very informative, and ended with a flight of 4 Stone brews. We enjoyed those and then headed to their bistro for our lunch reservations. Lunch was amazing; so many vegetarian/pescatarian (and even vegan, actually!) food options. We all had an outstanding meal and our waiter surprised Elliott with a Birthday Stone Porter Float. I dont normally consume dairy other than cheese or greek yogurt… but I had to at least taste the float, and the verdict?
Stone Smoked Porter + Ice Cream= amazingly delicious!

We stopped by another, small, brewery on our way back to Irvine. We hung out at Elliotts place for a bit and then continued on back to LA.

Sunday morning we loaded up the car again and headed back to Irvine. We played tennis for a few hours, BBQ’d some pizzas on the grill, and just hung out around Elliott’s resort apartment complex for the day. They went to the game room to play some shuffle board and pool while I hung out at Elliotts apartment and studied Chemistry with Ziggy.

Monday, Aaron and I both had to get up early. He had to be at work at 6:42am and I had to get to Santa Monica for my 8am Nutrition class. Class was over around 11 and then Elliott met up with my dad and I so that we could go to lunch at The Village Idiot which, had Pliny the Elder! After lunch we headed to The Beverly Center so that Elliott could pick out his birthday present at Louis Vuitton and so my dad could grab something he needed from the TUMI store. We came back to our place and watched the tennis finals until we were all hungry again. We then headed to our favorite little sushi place and had a great meal. Aaron got home reasonably early that night so he was able to have a beer with my dad and Elliott (before he drove back home). We watched another No Reservations episode, the US/Mexico border one… and all laughed because the show starts in Del Rio, Texas- which is where I was born.

Tuesday Aaron got up early and headed to work. I got up early and enjoyed coffee with my dad and then worked on some more Chemistry homework. Dad and I took Zig on a walk and went to breakfast. Then we came back to our place, dropped Ziggy off, grabbed my school things and dads luggage and were off to LAX. I dropped him off at the airport and then headed on to school for a Chemistry quiz and lecture.

Got home around 4pm and was exhausted. After such a great and busy weekend I was really looking forward to sitting, relaxing, and doing nothing.
I scoured Netflix for some-sort of distraction and decided on LOST…a show I had never seen a single episode of.
I was instantly hooked… and preceded to watch the entire first season this week. I finished the last episode last night.
I so badly want to start Season 2… but I know how irresponsible that is. I was so hooked on Season 1 that I neglected to study like I should have this week…. so, Im going to [attempt] to resist my urges to start the next season.

Perhaps Ill start it after my Chemistry test on Tuesday?

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