movie night.

I took a break from studying on Tuesday night to watch the documentary:

The Business of Being Born

One of my friends from back home in Texas recently found out that she’s pregnant and I had heard it was a “must watch” for expectant parents. I went ahead and ordered my friend a copy of the documentary (based on the rave reviews that I have heard about the film) but still had not watched it myself.
I decided it was “now or never” so I went ahead and watched it via Netflix instant view.

I was very impressed by the film!

Based on the [many] conversations I have had with friends/family and the [little] research I have done myself on the subject, I found myself nodding in agreement throughout the entire documentary.

I am clearly ALL for a birthing center/homebirth/midwife/doula situation should Aaron and I ever made the decision to have children (**which, we haven’t, so don’t take this post as a means of announcing anything).

I will spare you my soap-box lecture on all things Western medicine, but this film definitely hones in on my philosophy that we all have choices and the ability to dictate what happens to our bodies (whether its giving birth, or just going to your doctor to get a check-up).

Anyway, I suggest you watch it! Even if you arent planning on having kids.. its quite eye opening and empowering. 

Be educated America. and know you are allowed to question what doctor’s tell/recommend you to do!

The 4 part “sequel” MORE Business of Being Born came out this week!

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