a weekend of beer and gifts.

Saturday morning we picked my dad up from LAX at 10am.
We drove straight to The Village Idiot for an early lunch and shared a Pliny the Elder and I enjoyed a delicious jalapeno & avocado grilled cheese.

We came back to our apartment, grabbed Ziggy, and then headed to Orange County to my brothers place.
We had our own little beer tasting of a few of Dogfish Head’s rare beers that we had been saving and then headed over to The Bruery for a beer tasting flight.
We had such a great time at The Bruery! and wow, do they have some amazing beers.

Sunday we woke up and took my dad….. and Ziggy…. to the airport.
It was so hard saying goodbye to Ziggy. It was even harder knowing I wouldnt get to see him until the 2nd week of January!
I miss that little guy so much. I got a little teary-eyed as we drove off 😦

I came home, quickly changed, and decided a yoga class would be good for me.
When I got out of class I got a little sad because I knew Ziggy wouldnt be waiting at the door when I got home.
BUT…I smiled when I saw this picture on my phone after class:

apparently he was getting the royal treatment in 1st class πŸ™‚
He was able to ride on my dads lap the entire flight!

I showered and we went to lunch with my brother at Stout in Hollywood. They have this homemade pretzel with 3 dipping sauces that is freaking fantastic… so I enjoyed that while sipping on Aaron’s beer (they had Racer X on tap!)

We came home from lunch and had our own little Christmas celebration.
My brother got a tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat.
He gave us a Kitchen Aid professional series mixer! I am SO excited about it!

we also opened a few gifts from my parents. lululemon stuff for me!! and Aaron got a whiskey aging kit!
We also opened a few gifts from Aaron’s parents. A vacuum sealer (yay!! so excited!) and a few items for our trip, including a LUG travel pillow and blanket set for the flight! I cant wait to put that to good use on our over-night flight to Lima.

All in all, it was a great weekend!
I cant believe we leave for our trip on TOMORROW!

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