a bit of change.

I feel that since the advent of Pinterest my blog “point of view” has changed.

Instead of posting about random things that I find cute, or decorating ideas that I hope to be able to achieve one day, or posting about a new pair of shoes or a new dress I purchased… my blog will now stay a bit more focused on the following things:

– food 
– wine and beer
– nutrition, health & leading a preventative lifestyle 
– yoga & my experience during yoga teacher training
– recipes (for both meals and baking)
– thoughts and personal reviews about the beer & wine we drink
– my obsession with coffee.
– travel (something we hope to do a lot more of)
– being more “green” and environmentally friendly
– running

from this point forward, if you want to see my thoughts on fashion, style, house decorating ideas, party ideas, and some crafty/DIY projects… please follow this link to my Pinterest page
an environment more suitable for those type of things 🙂

One response

  1. Happy 2012 to you Tanis! It's going to be a good year:) Like the new (ish) direction of your blog, looking forward to reading it! And I LOVED your recent photos from your trip…loved.

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