productivity and bread making.

I had a super productive day yesterday…
I knew it was going to be a busy week and that I couldn’t start it off with a lazy/unproductive Monday.

So, I managed to get the following things accomplished yesterday:
– dust
– vacuum
– dust mop and wood polish the wood floors
– mop kitchen and bathroom
– clean bathroom
– clean kitchen
– make potato, cauliflower, leek and cabbage soup for dinner/leftovers
– wash sheets (our bed and guest bed) & towels
– wash clothes
– make our bed and guest bed with freshly clean sheets
– go to happy hour in Santa Monica at 6pm

which leaves this for me to do today/tomorrow:
– make meyer-lemon bars (we have about 6 meyer lemons from our CSA that need to be used)
– weight out and freeze the live yeast purchased for bread making.
– make out menu for the remainder of the week
– make out this week’s grocery list
– go grocery shopping (Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods)
– bread making with Simone
– go through PILE of paperwork/junk mail/etc on kitchen table
– email Melody back to confirm plans for our trip this weekend
– hang up clothes that were washed yesterday
– give Ziggy a bath

My friend Simone is coming over later this afternoon. We are going to the 4:30 Moksha class together and afterwards she is coming over to help me start the 2-day process of baking my own bread!

Aaron and I wanted our new KitchenAid professional mixer (that we got for Christmas) for the purpose of making/baking more things ourselves instead of purchasing them in stores.
one thing in particular: bread

Simone is an awesome baker and has pastry experience… and she [very generously] offered to teach me how to bake bread!

She started growing the starter for me and she is bringing it over tonight!
The first bread we decided to bake is a Whole Wheat Sandwich bread that will yield 3 loaves (2 of which we will freeze until needed).
I cant tell you how excited I am about this.
Our goal is to not buy a single loaf of bread at the store for the remainder of the year.
Whatever we want…. a baguette, hamburger buns, ciabatta, or just a loaf of sandwich bread… from this point forward, I will make myself.

Tomorrow Simone will be coming back over to help me with day 2 of the bread making process.
Apparently there is lots of downtime between steps, so she will bring over some homework to work on during that time and I will use it to check things off of my to-do list and to pack for Seattle.

Then, my mom arrives Thursday morning.
We have several things lined up to do… mani/pedi’s, brunch, a bit of shopping, etc.

We leave for Seattle on Saturday morning and my mom is [very generously] Ziggy-sitting while we are gone 🙂

Its going to be a busy rest of the week, but I am so excited about all of the things that we have going on!

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