more beer.

We were on a beer-high after the Pliny the Younger tasting last Monday… and the week only got better on Tuesday!

Our friends from the Midwest surprised us with a package of beers that we cannot get here on the West Coast!

and, one of the beers was a Bell’s Hopslam!
Which is essentially the Midwest/East coast version of Pliny the Elder. This beer was only in our house for 2 days before we couldnt wait anymore and popped it open. It was sooooo good! and, as hard as it is for me to admit it, I actually think I like it better than Pliny the Elder. The honey really brought this IPA to a whole new level, I loved it.

the package also included:
– 1 Founder’s – KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) (2011)
which just so happens to be ranked #10 on BeerAdvocate. Aaron also got a bit giddy when he saw that one in the package, apparently he had been drooling of that beer for quite some time; we just couldnt get our hands on it! We havent tried this one yet… but are super excited to pop it open soon.

– 1 Great Lakes Brewing Co- Barrel-Aged Blackout Stout
I am really looking forward to opening this one. Lately I have really been enjoying Stouts and this one sounds fantastic.

– 1 Brew Kettle- White Rajah IPA 
we popped this one open a few days after the Bell’s Hopslam. Its quite tasty and Aaron and I both really enjoyed it! Not nearly as complex as the Hopslam; but delicious nonetheless. Its a shame we cant get this beer more easily!

– 1 Hoppin’ Frog- BORIS Royale Russian Imperial Stout
this stout was fantastic. soooo yummy. I loved each and every sip of this beer!

we have some pretty awesome out-of-state, fellow beer lover friends 🙂

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