today begins week #3 of the Spring 2012 school semester.
I am really enjoying both of my classes; but they are definitely keeping me busy.

I’m doing much better with studying this semester (with the exception of writing this blog post when I should be going over my Chemistry flashcards) and I think that has a lot to do with my two awesome professors, the fact that I scored a Santa Monica neighborhood parking pass and no longer have to fight with the hellacious SMC parking garage (thank you Simone!!), and I actually really like the subject matter of my classes.

 [wine and geology, because, why not?]

 [ziggy snoozing on my lap while I study chemistry]

 [7am: morning coffee, sleepy puppy, and my geology book]


 [I wonder how many students keep their note cards in a Louis Vuitton box?]

[sipping Yogi tea out of my my Chicago mug while studying the Theory of Plate Tectonics]

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