Rich came to visit.

our friend, Rich, came to stay with us for a bit while he was in town for work.
What happens when you put 3 people who LOVE food, LOVE beer & LOVE wine under the same roof for an extended period of time?


 [Rich made some AMAZING anchovy pasta, 
Aaron and I contributed the broiled tomatoes and sauteed greens…. 
and we had ourselves one very tasty dinner]

 [we walked over to Sky’s Gourmet Tacos to introduce Rich 
to some of the best shrimp tacos you could ever have]

 [Simone & Ceci invited us over to their house for a beer & burger night… 
and Simone made homemade hamburger buns for our burgers!]

 [Simone also made some delicious homemade potato chips 
and a salad with homemade shallot & vinegar dressing]

 [mmm. “chicken” cutlet, caramelized onions, 
goat cheese, on the delicious homemade bun]

 [I made a tofu chocolate silk pie, and Simone made 
some of the most amazing, creamy, custardy ice cream ever]

[we introduced Rich to BLD for brunch one morning…. 
mmm their vegan benedict is SO good]

[Elliott drove up one Sunday and we all went to Canele… 
one of THE best brunch places in LA]

 [I love this sign]
 [coffee with some fun sugar “cubes”]

 [best thing on the menu: egg in a hole– but ask for a side of siraccha]

 [at Canele, you have dessert after breakfast. 
their French Toast (and yes, get it with the mascarpone and prunes) is AMAZING]

 [one night, our power went out for 12 hours. 
so.. we put some candle sticks in beer bottles…]

[… and enjoyed some brie & bleu cheese with a fantastic bottle of wine]

 [what better way to enjoy a black-out?]
 [Aaron made some yummy lentils, and toasted some 
of my homemade ciabatta with garlic and olive oil for dunner one night. YUM]

 [our power went out AGAIN so instead of making 
dinner at home we went to Little Tokyo for dinner. 
there was a bit of a wait at the restaurant, so we past the time with a beer]

[we went to Sushi Gen. it was, by far, the BEST and most AMAZING sushi I have ever had. 
we started out with Mackeral, then had some of the fattiest toro I have ever seen, delicious snapper, had some AMAZING salmon that melted on your tongue, amazing albacore that also practically melted in your mouth, yellow tail, yummy giant clam, and we ended with a fantastic piece of eel.
it was definitely one of the best meals I have ever had.]
[Rich left these, John Kelly chocolates for us… and OH MY are they delicious. 
… dangerously delicious. mmmm. ]
Rich headed back to Marfa, Texas this morning. We had such a fun and lovely time while he was here; I cant wait for him to come back and visit! and next time… hopefully Jean can come too đŸ™‚

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