the beginning March.

we had a pretty eventful March.
the first weekend we went to Fresno (see previous post) and the next weekend we had some visitors come to Los Angeles!

Our friends Brad and Jeanne (that we met in Peru) were in town visiting Jeanne’s brother and sister-in-law and we were glad to be able to see them. That same weekend Aaron’s dad and brother Kyle came into town.

It was a great weekend of fun, friends, family, good food, good beer, and gorgeous weather.

Friday night we met up with Brad, Jeanne, Kelly and Adam at The Counter for happy hour.

[Green Flash West Coast IPA at The Counter]

Aaron’s dad and brother met up with us there and then we all headed over to Ford’s Filling Station for a wonderful meal.

Saturday we all got up early. Aaron, his dad, and Kyle headed to Fontana for Kyle’s “racing experience” at the speedway. I headed down to Orange County to meet up with Elliott for brunch at Old Vine Cafe. It was a really cute brunch spot that not only has a great [veggie friendly] menu, but thats also Ziggy friendly too! 

 [fun wine bottle chandelier at Old Vine Cafe]
 [some amazing freshly squeezed orange juice and much needed coffee]
 [my brie & green chili quiche came with a side of potatoes… or for $2 more a cinnamon roll. 
I opted for the cinnamon roll]
We met up with Aaron, his dad, and brother and then we all headed to The Bruery Provisions and The Bruery tasting room so that we could pick up our reserve society allocations and have a tasting. It wasnt too long before Aaron’s dad and brother had to head back to Fresno…. but Aaron, Elliott and I hung around to enjoy our tasting flight.

 [on the second Saturday of each month The Bruery does a “reserve bottle list” option at their tasting room where they serve their rare & extremely hard to find beers… the only catch is that you have to drink the bottle there; you cant take it home. Since we had already started our tasting flight… we decided to wait until next time]
Sunday morning was pretty low-key. We invited Brad, Jeanne, Kelly, Adam, Elliott, and our friend Rich (who was coming into town and actually staying with us) over for a dinner party. Aaron made pizzas, we had cheese, crackers, an assortment of yummy olives, and a few other snacks. We also paired the food with some of our yummy The Bruery beers that we had been holding on to. It was a fun evening and I’m glad we were able to see Brad and Jeanne one more time before they headed back home to Wisconsin.

 [Jeanne’s sister-in-law, Kelly, was so sweet and brought over these beautiful flowers!]

[look at what wonderful weather we had!]

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