YogaWorks 200hr Teacher Training.

I began my 200hr teacher training program through YogaWorks in February of last year.

I was unable to finish the program I originally registered for due to a multitude of reasons: school was pretty demanding, there was a lot of “life” stuff going on (planning a wedding, planning trips, etc), I was incredibly distracted, and… looking back… it just wasnt the right time in my life to go through such a transforming experience.

I transferred to an entirely different program, hosted at an entirely different YogaWorks studio (one that was actually really close to my house!), with an entirely different format (12 consecutive weekends instead of the 9 month extended), with two different teacher trainers. While I was still excited about completing my 200hr certification; I was still a tad leery of the program as a whole due to my not-so-wonderful experience the first time around.

Thankfully…. this program has been an amazing and wonderful experience.  
Not that the one before was bad; I just know now that 2011 wasnt the right year for me to do the 200hr program. 

Though it took a little over a year; I finally found my way to the right program, with the right teacher trainers (and assistants), with the right group of fellow teacher trainees. and I have been enjoying each and every minute of it.

Last night we completed weekend 8 out of 11!
we have Memorial Day weekend off, and then we only have 3 more weekends to go!

I cant believe it.
Its gone by so fast.

The past 8 weeks have definitely been transforming. Between learning how to do each asana correctly, learning about the Yoga Philosophy (which, I discovered, I absolutely LOVE), learning the proper sequencing, and learning the associated anatomy of yoga…. it also uncovered my desire to teach yoga.

I started out “on the fence” about teaching. I thought I wanted to teach yoga….. but I wasnt 100% sure. I figured that I would take the teacher training and see where that led.

Now, 8 weeks into the program, not only do I know that I want to teach…. but I also just registered for the 300hr Professional Program that YogaWorks offers! Its a 6 month apprenticeship with mentor where in addition to teaching workshops and more philosophy learning, you also assist your mentors classes and gain the in-class experience of teaching, adjustments, etc. I am SO excited!

The program starts in August and goes until January of next year. I am really looking forward to taking the next step… although, I know I still have lots to absorb from my current program.

I have a feeling the next few weeks my nose will be in my teaching training manuals and textbooks preparing for our final practicum…. I also have a feeling Ill be studying these same books all summer preparing for the 300hr professional program.

Luckily, its the kind of studying I actually like to do!

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  1. Hi there! I found your blog through YogaWorks' Facebook page. I'm three weeks into a 6-month, 200-hour teacher training program and it's been exciting and overwhelming. I have great teachers and I love the program, but it's nice to read about your experience. Congratulations on finishing and good luck with the 300-hour program!

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