another day-cation to Orange County….

I really love the fact that my brother lives so close to us. Its nice to have him nearby, and its also nice to be able to go visit him for an afternoon [or whole day] as a getaway from Los Angeles (a city that has been wearing on me more-and-more as of late).

A few weeks ago I took two trips to Orange County in one week! Both of which were full of fun, great food, and great beer.

[look at that pool!]

 [as always, we went to The Bruery for a tasting flight.. 
and we were able to check out their new DOG FRIENDLY! patio]
[and to try their new menu item: grilled cheese!]
 [we were FINALLY able to track down the Rolling Sushi Van; which according 
to Google search and Yelp is the best sushi in Orange County]

[these “rolling balls” were fantastic]

 [we were able to check out the new Whole Foods in Laguna Niguel; which my brother works at]

[they have a bar IN the store where you can order some yummy food and yummy beer;
so we did just that]
[the weather was gorgeous (per usual for Irvine), 
so we tried to spend as much time outside as we could]

[gin rummy!]

 [another view of the beautiful grounds of my brothers apartment complex]

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