its official!

Since the 200hr Teacher Training has come to an end…… I decided it was a great time to make things “official” and purchase some business cards!

[business cards from]

Now, I haven’t actually taught a class yet… the thought of that still kinda makes me nervous. BUT that’s where the 300hr Teacher Training will help me. I am looking forward to practicing, assisting, and immersing myself in more manuals to help get my confidence up.

I need to get more used to the idea of being in front of people…..and to get more comfortable with the verbiage of a yoga instructor.

I think my nervousness stems from the fact that I’ve had such great mentors and they all make it look so easy! and then, when I think about teaching a class, I get nervous and start doubting my abilities.

In the meantime, as I anticipate the 300hr training, my homework [that I have assigned to myself] will be to teach a few impromptu classes to my friends and family 🙂

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  1. Congratulations! So, so happy for you! The more you teach, the better you feel in front of people. I still get nervous, but it's much easier and more natural now. Good luck with your 300 hr! I'd like to do some additional training myself! Your cards are awesome!!!

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