a solution.

A few months ago I wrote about purchasing items in bulk in an attempt to save money and be more environmentally friendly (by having less packaging and waste).

Someone brought up a good point about how “un-green” the thin plastic bags are that most stores provide for their shoppers to put their produce and/or bulk items in…..

well, thanks to my dear friend Simone’s recommendation….. and Reuseit.com, I purchased these:

these muslin bags are the perfect alternative to those horrible, thin plastic bags. Reuseit.com offers several size options and each one has the tare weight convientely located on the bag so that the cashier can deduct the weight of the bag from the items you are purchasing. 
So far I have used these for bulk granola, bulk oats, and bulk grains. 
Once I have emptied the contents into my Weck or Mason Jar storage contains I simply reuse them during my next trip to the store. And they are easily washed with towels or reusable napkins when the need arises. 
I highly recommend these if you are concerned about reducing your waste while grocery shopping!

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