baking day (bread).

Thursday after I got home from campus I made 3 loaves of Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread and 3 loaves of Rustic Ciabatta.

The bread making process is a lot of work. It takes several hours, can leave a messy kitchen at the end (if you dont tidy up along the way), and, in our case, makes an already hot house (without air conditioning) even hotter since the oven is at 450* and 500* degrees for several hours.

Even so, the smell of homemade bread -that you made from scratch- baking in your own kitchen makes every step worth it. Slicing into a warm loaf, fresh out of the oven makes the sweaty temperatures, the dirty dishes, and the hours of hard work totally worth it.

[the happy Whole Wheat dough… about to “double” right over the bowl]
[Estela snapped a photo of me pouring out the Whole Wheat dough]
[the Whole Wheat dough… with the white and wheat starters (thanks Simone!!) in the background]
[resting in the Le Creuset loaf pans before being baked]
[freshly baked Whole Wheat sandwich bread!]
[freshly baked Rustic Ciabatta!]

I didnt take as many photos of the Ciabatta this time around, but you can see more pictures here

I cannot say enough great things about this book. If you want to start baking your own bread, I highly recommend getting it:

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