current favorite things [November]:

current favorite things [November 2012]
1. Pressed Juicery
I am completely addicted to and obsessed with Pressed Juicery’s juices; particularly their “Greens 3” and “Citrus 2” flavors. I’m not necessarily a huge fan of juice “cleanses” (see my previous post regarding that) but I do think grabbing a fresh, cold-pressed juice is a great way of getting some extra vitamins & minerals (however, keep in mind: with juicing you aren’t getting any fiber; that only comes from eating the actual fruits and vegetables) and is an excellent snack to tide you over until your next meal. They have several locations all over the Greater LA area (West Hollywood, Brentwood, Studio City, Downtown LA) and you can even get their juices delivered right to your door. I cant talk highly enough about the quality of their product and everything I’ve tasted so far has been delicious.

2. Yogi Tea: Green Tea Kombucha Decaf
This is my go-to tea. There is a caffeinated option; but considering the amount of caffeine I get with my morning coffee- I don’t really need any more throughout the day. The flavor of this tea is amazing and it gives you a refreshed and energized feeling without the jitters. Its the perfect tea to sip on while at school… studying… or after a yoga class.

3. Arbonne “Fit Essentials” Protein Powder
I drink one of these protein shakes every morning. They are perfect to drink on your drive to work or school and are filling enough to tide you over until mid-morning. I usually drink my shake around 7:30am and have a snack (a banana, bran muffin, etc) around 10am and then I’m good until lunch. I typically alternate between the vanilla and chocolate flavors (both are delicious) and will sometimes even add a scoop of the Arbonne Fiber Boost to the shake as well. The great thing about this Arbonne protein powder (as opposed to many of the other protein powders out there) is that it tastes great AND is completely vegan. It offers 20 grams of vegan protein along with 20 essential vitamins and minerals per serving. I highly recommend it!

I also use (and love) the shaker cup… its BPA free plastic and the cap closes tightly so I can throw it in my purse or school bag without any worries about it leaking or making a mess.
*Please note: if you decide to purchase something via you will need a consultant’s pin number to place the order; here is my consultant (and dear friend’s!) pin# 19789388

4. Good Belly
In an effort to add more probiotics to my diet without adding any more dairy (kefir, yogurt, etc) I discovered… and have since fallen in love with…. Good Belly. Their organic probiotic juice drinks are delicious and contain 20 billion live & active cultures. They are also dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, as well as kosher. I drink a few ounces of Good Belly each day to promote healthy digestion.

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