holiday recap, part one: Thanksgiving.

We spent Thanksgiving in Fresno (as we have every year since we started dating). I drove to Santa Clarita on Wednesday evening to meet up with Aaron at work and then we were on our way North as soon as he wrapped.

We decided to stop in Bakersfield for a little snack to break up the drive. I only allow myself to splurge on In-n-Out once or twice a year and trust me when I say this time was particularly delicious. However, once I devoured it (and for the record: I wasnt able to finish it all) I quickly remembered why I only eat this every six months or so; its just so high in sodium and so filling that it left me feeling tired and miserably full. Luckily we still had a 2 hour drive ahead of us, so I was able to sleep through my food coma.

The drive was painless (and quick considering I napped for the majority of it!) and we went to sleep not too long after we arrived at Aaron’s parents house.

Thanksgiving morning was nice and relaxing. Normally Thanksgiving morning is full of prepping, cooking, and baking… but this year it was pleasantly restful. I spent a large portion of the morning sitting on the couch in my flannel pj’s drinking coffee, snuggling Ziggy, and doing a little online shopping from my iPad.

Our first Thanksgiving stop that afternoon was filled with football, good food, and of course: fantastic wine. I was glued to the TV for the last bit of the Texans game (that went into overtime) but made my way to the table for Thanksgiving meal #1 as soon as the game was over (the Texans won!)

While eating our feast, we manged to go through several bottles of Justin Isosceles wine (one of my absolute favorites) and were spoiled with some really great vintages…. and 2 of them were even Isosceles Reserve!

We then relocated to Thanksgiving meal #2… where we ate even more great food and drank even more great wine (there is never a shortage of wine… or food in Fresno).

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was spent at the Fresno State/Air Force football game. We arrived early for the [very impressive] tailgating festivities and got our fill of early morning booze and breakfast tacos before the game started.

Sunday morning we packed up the car and made the drive back to LA earlier than normal in order to avoid the “return to LA” traffic on the Grapevine. We made it back home in pretty good time and spent the rest of the day unpacking and resting up for our final weeks of school (finals!) and work before our holiday hiatus and the hustle and bustle of Christmas began.

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