Nature’s Flu Shot

I have never gotten a flu shot.

and, while I may have gotten sick in the past; to my knowledge I have never been infected with the flu (of any kind or any strain). While I do believe that certain vaccines exist in the world to help us, spare us certain diseases, and promote overall world health; I am not one that feels that a flu shot is necessary.

My mom only had the flu shot once (in her entire life) and that just so happened to be the same year the she got the flu (for the first time). So, take that for what its worth.

I dont want to start any sort of debate on this as I know this is a touchy subject for some.
However, I have found that people don’t usually have mixed feeling on the issue of flu shots; in fact they fall into just two categories:
1. they’re firm believers in the flu shot and think everyone should get one.
2. they think the flu shot is unnecessary and driven by hype.

I fall into the latter category [obviously].

So.. when Aaron mentioned that a few of the crew members of his current show ended up with the flu, instead of running to the nearest pharmacy to get the flu shot, I decided to whip up a concoction to “immunize” our household without having to go anywhere but Whole Foods (and thank you mom for introducing me to this!)

Nature’s Flu Shot
juice of 6 fresh, organic lemons
1 bulb organic garlic (that’s right bulb, not clove!)
2 tablespoons ginger (preferably fresh, but can be ground)
2 tablespoons local honey
3 cups organic pineapple juice
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

Blend all ingredients in blender, pour into glass (or jar if taking it to work with you) and drink 1 cup of the mixture 4 times a day. Repeat a necessary until symptoms are resolved.



If you’re interested; here is an interesting perspective on the Flu Shot by one of my favorite bloggers, Food Babe.

and here is an article from Vegetarian Spotlight that has additional recipes to make “Natures Penicillin” and and a slightly different recipe for “Natures Flu Shot” .

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