a peek inside our kitchen: refrigerator, freezer & pantry

I’ve had several questions regarding our refrigerator, freezer and pantry situation.
Things like “how much space do you have?”, “how much food do you typically keep on hand?”, “how do you store your bulk goods?” and “how big is your freezer?!”

so, I decided, what better way to answer those questions than with photos?

Here’s a peek into our refrigerator, freezer, pantry, and the area on our counter-top designated for produce.
Feel free to ask any questions regarding what you see (or don’t see).







2 responses

    • They’re Kerr Canning jars (wide mouth, not regular mouth) and I get them from Smart & Final here in LA (are there Smart & Final stores in Houston?) you can also get them on amazon.com too. I LOVE them. we even use the smaller ones (the 8oz) for drinking glasses.

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