Orange Coast Magazine.

My dear friend, Melissa Valladares, is an amazing photographer. She was asked to take some photos for Orange Coast Magazine for an article they were doing in the April 2013 issue about dog-friendly restaurants in Orange County. Knowing that Aaron and I are always on the hunt for dog-friendly places that have good food and allow you to enjoy a beer or glass of wine on the patio… AND since we have an adorable dog who loves to be the center of attention…she asked if we could come along with her on her photo shoot.

We had a great time trying out some new places to eat, spending some much-needed quality time with Melissa and (her now fiance!) Vinnie; AND, our little Ziggy had his very first magazine debut:


You can check out this article, the adorable picture of Ziggy, and other articles involving restaurants in Orange County in the the April issue of Orange Coast Magazine:


Here are a few other photos Melissa snapped that day:



*Photos are the property of Melissa Valladares Photography
*Magazine Cover is the property of Orange Coast Magazine

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