ted talk tuesday: why i’m a weekday vegetarian

I try not to push any sort of agenda in terms of a particular diet or eating lifestyle because I feel that each person needs to find their own way and discover what works for them. However, there is incredible data available that shows how reducing your meat intake can not only improve your overall health, but can really impact the planet in a positive way as well.

The “Meatless Monday’s” movement has been gaining in popularity (and was even endorsed by our Los Angeles mayor recently); but I also like Graham Hill’s idea too, especially if you arent ready to make the jump to being a full-time vegetarian:

ted talk tuesday: how to cut an onion

This is a great TED Talk for yogis & foodies alike. The speaker takes two subjects: food & yoga/meditation [both of which are extremely important to me] and merges them together to show how they relate and can aid one another.

and, at the end, she teaches us how to properly cut an onion. Enjoy!