bottling beer.

Aaron wrapped early last night and was home by 5pm!

We were able to have an enjoyable evening and even got a lot accomplished. We had leftover Spinach enchiladas (that I made the night before) for dinner, had TWO fancy beers from our stash (a Ballast Point ‘Victory at Sea Vanilla and Coffee Porter and a Saison Rue from The Bruery), wrapped the last few Christmas presents, packaged up some of our gifts that needed to me mailed, AND bottled Aaron’s holiday home brew!

Ziggy was “helping” us prep and sanitize the bottles for the beer 🙂

post Alaska and Chicago relaxation:

after returning from Alaska and Chicago, we needed a vacation FROM our vacation.
We landed at LAX around 6 something PM from Chicago, drove back to our house, grabbed a few things, and then immediately took off for Fresno.

We couldnt wait to get there, because Fresno meant two things:
#1: we could see Ziggy!
#2: we could finally RELAX.

our trips were loads of fun and we had amazing experiences in both places; but we were really looking forward to relaxing with very little to do. and snuggling Ziggy like crazy 🙂

 [poolside at Aaron’s parents house, with Ziggy, my new sunhat, and a beer!]
[we were so excited to find 21st Amendment beer at the Fresno Whole Foods!]

[Aaron, relaxing poolside]

[pedicures are always relaxing! especially when you have canned sparkling wine in hand! 
and ps. that canned sparkling wine is actually quite delicious, so dont judge]

day-cation to Irvine.

my brother recently moved from Fresno CA to Irvine CA. I have never really spent much time in Irvine, in fact, all that I have done there is stop and get dinner at Veggie Grill on the way back home from seeing Chena in San Diego.

To my surprise, my brother moved directly across from the Spectrum Center which is where the Veggie Grill is located that we randomly visited.

Last Thursday Ziggy and I took a day-trip to Irvine to check out Elliott’s new apartment and neighborhood; and wow! What a great day it was! 

Once Ziggy and I got there we took a quick tour of Elliott’s apartment but then walked over to the Spectrum Center for lunch at Veggie Grill! A quick FYI: the “buffalo wings” (no meat of course) are amazing! After lunch we walked around a bit to see what other stores the Spectrum Center had and then decided to walk back to the apartment complex resort.

We decided to sit outsite and get some Vitamin D and relax. The property is beautiful and we found a nice, cozy set of table and chairs near a fountain to sit at. This was our view:

Ziggy enjoyed himself too.

We stayed here for an hour or so and then decided to go back inside to refill our water bottles. While in there Elliott remembered that Whole Foods was scheduled to received a shipment of Pliney the Elder so he called the store to see if they had any left. They did (although, it was limit one per customer) so we piled into his car and drove the 10 minute drive to get some. Elliott went in first to get his beer while I stayed outside with Ziggy; then he watched Ziggy while I went in to grab one for myself (well, actually for Aaron- Saturday was his birthday and I was glad that I could surprise his with his favorite [and hard to come-by] beer).

We put the beers in the car and then decided to walk down to Pinkberry so that we could both try their new flavor: salted caramel. OH MY! it was delicious! and I’m not even a Pinkberry fan (Yogurtland is WAY better in my opinion) but this new flavor was amazing:

We drove back to Elliott’s place and hung out inside for awhile. Ziggy was a bit tired (considering his missed all of his morning naps due to our day-of-fun) so we let him rest on Elliott’s bed for a bit:

We were all getting a bit hungry, so I suggested ordering a pizza to have delivered before Ziggy and I made the drive back to LA (it was around 4:45pm and I wasnt about to embark on the drive north yet; traffic would have been horrendous). I started scouring Yelp and Google Maps for good, healthy pizza options nearby while Elliott went to check his mail… when he came back he said “you know, if you want pizza, the market here at the complex makes great pizza”.
See, I told you it was a resort-type apartment community! So we walked over to the Village Market and each ordered an “individual” pizza.

The pizza turned out to be delicious and it was very peaceful to sit outside and people-watch while we ate. The Veggie pizza was great and I will definitely order that again if we are ever back at the Village Market for dinner. Ziggy also enjoyed the Village Market because he was able to meet lots of puppy friends who were out on their evening walk!

Ziggy and I headed back to LA after dinner; we were both exhausted!
This is what Ziggy looked like after the hour-and-a-half drive home:

What a fabulous day-cation it was! and since Elliott is only about an hour away; it will be the perfect place to “get away” from Los Angeles anytime we need a day away.

little Ziggy.

I love my little guy. I never knew how much love and joy a tiny, 5 pound (fully grown) puppy would bring…. He is just so cute I can barely stand it.

I know I’ve posted pictures of him in the past, but I feel the need to shower the internet with loads of cuteness, so brace yourself: