life to do list

walk the streets of Paris
go wine-tasting in Bordeaux
finish my Bachelor’s degree
attend a yoga retreat on the beaches of Mexico
go on a pub-crawl in Prague
complete a triathlon
have a private yoga session on a beach
become fluent in French
tango dance on the streets of Buenos Aires
hold a Koala Bear in Australia
live in New York City
visit the South of France (Cannes, Nice, Antibes, Saint-Tropez)
take the train from Nice to Monaco
stay a night in a glass-bottom-over-water cottage in the Maldives
enjoy a cup of coffee in Turkey
visit the Pompeii ruins for Emma (my grandmother)
visit Positano on the Almalfi Coast
see Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home in Missouri (also for my grandmother)
attend a Super Bowl
stay at Absolute Bliss in Santorini, Greece
dine at French Laundry in Yountville, CA
earn a Master’s degree
helicopter into an active volcano in Hawaii
complete the Chicago marathon
complete the Great Wall marathon
drive Hwy 1 from Los Angeles to Big Sur
scuba dive the Blue Hole in Belize
cruise the Mediterranean Ocean on a private yacht
float in the Dead Sea
safari in Tanzania
climb Kilimanjaro
live abroad
become a homeowner
complete my 500hr RYT certification
visit Vermont in the fall
attempt to eat durian fruit

become a marathoner (October 18th, 2009)
live in a big city without a car (Chicago)
go wine tasting in Napa Valley (2006, 2009)
get into the Motion Picture Costumers union (2008)
move to Los Angeles (October 2006)
spend the night at the Houston Zoo
become a vegetarian [pescatarian] (2006)
design the costumes on a feature film (2007)
see my name in the credits of a summer Blockbuster (2007-Hancock)
drink a hurricane on Bourbon St before noon (Christmas 2009)
hike a glacier in Alaska (July 2011)
enjoy BBQ’d oysters fresh out of Tomales Bay (Hog Island Oysters, Easter 2009)
ride a cable-car in San Francisco (Thanksgiving 2007)
see the Grand Canyon (2005)
drive through Death Valley (Thanksgiving 2007)
visit Alcatraz (Thanksgiving 2007)
ride in a Nascar at full speed (2006)

enjoy a bottle of Opus One 2004 (Christmas 2010)
celebrate New Year’s in New Orleans (2010/2011)
dine at NOLA (New Year’s Eve 2010)
dine at Osteria Mozza (Easter 2011)
hike Machu Picchu in Peru (Holiday 2011/12)
travel out of the country for the first time (Holiday 2011/12)
complete my 200hr RYT teacher training (June 2012)

missed chances:
dine at Charlie Trotter’s
dine at elBuli

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